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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Las Vegas to Tucson

We left Las Vegas on Saturday morning to drive to Tucson, AZ…….. a distance of 400 miles.  We left at about 9:00AM and arrived in Tucson at 5:30AM.  We were not sure we would drive all the way, in the event that we would find something or someplace to spend more time exploring along the way.

On the way to Quartzsite, we had located the Desert Diamond casino as an RV friendly place to overnight on their parking lot, so we decided to stay there on Saturday night.

At the Quartzsite RV show tent, we picked up a coupon to spend two nights for free at the Lazy Days RV Resort in Tucson.  On Sunday morning, we cashed in that coupon and plan to watch the Super Bowl here, and then explore Tucson on Monday.  We got checked in and hooked up before noon.  However, we found the the TV reception was much better with our Over The Air antenna than with the park cable….. so I converted the TV’s back to the antenna.

The trip here was scenic, even though it was all desert and mountainous desert!   Although we went past Hoover dam, we did not see it!  Before we left Las Vegas, I read about the rules regarding RV’s and the dam roads.  We chose to take the new road around the dam, thinking we would at least see it, but that did not happen.  To take the dam road, the Bus would have had to be searched………. and I did not want to go through that.  We have been to Hoover dam in the past.

The route was full of long curving and hilly roads, with a lot of rocks and cacti!  Here are some of the scenes along the route……


There weren’t very many towns along the way, but Wickenburg, AZ looked interesting, so we did a side trip to drive though the middle of this little town…….



We had seen a lot of motorcycle groups on the road, and it appeared that many of them were taking a break in Wickenburg.

We will be leaving Tucson on Tuesday morning, without a specific plan or route in mind.  We will see what comes!!

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