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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disneyworld Trip–Report #3

It is now Tuesday of the week after our visit to Disneyworld.  I am going to attempt to recall the visit.  We had long days and were tired at the end of each!! 

We spend our first day (Sunday) in the Magic Kingdom.  Here are some pictures of Patsy near the castle…..


We met the kids and did some rides.  Here are Matthew and Aubrey on one of the boat rides……


Later, they saw Donald Duck and got his autograph………


We spend a lot of time going from attraction to attraction, and waiting in lines!!

In the evening, we watched the fireworks show over the castle.  Prior to the fireworks, they had a light show on the castle.  It was very impressive…….


On the Monday, Rick and Laura decided to go to the Hollywood park.  We met them there, but only stayed in the morning.  We did go to a stunt car demonstration that we very good, but I mostly took videos, which I do not know how to post!!  However, here is a look at the set…..


That afternoon, Rick and the family had a planned meal, so Patsy and I went to Epcot to see the nightly light show.


On Tuesday, we went to the Animal Kingdom, which was much more than the zoo that I expected.  Here is an African animal that makes the Texas Longhorn look a little puny……


We went on an African Safari, and saw a lot of animals in their natural surroundings……….


We had a good week at Disneyworld, but ended up not taking a lot of pictures.   One morning, the kids were clowning around one of the gift shops, and Laura took these pictures….


More later……………

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