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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leaving Tucson for El Paso, TX

We had a nice two days at the Lazydays campground in Tucson. 

On Wednesday morning, we ventured out into Tucson.  Our goal was to see the Old Tucson area (not much), find a post office to mail a package to our granddaughter in Little Rock, stop at a Wal-Mart for supplies, and to go to a Kohl’s to buy a matching bowl to the one that we purchased in Yuma.

All was successful except for the Walmart……….. they did not have all we needed, so we hit a Fry’s supermarket.  We did well here, plus they took our Kroger card for a bunch of specials, and to top it off, we got a 10% discount for being over 55!

We got back to the campground, and spent the rest of the day planning our trip home, cleaning up the inside or the Bus (mostly from Quartzsite dust), and relaxing.  Patsy cooked a stew in the crockpot, and it turned out to be really good.

We got up this morning to leave, and after dumping the tanks, and putting in the slides, I pressed the button for the levelers to retract.  All was good for a short while, then they stopped and I got an error light on the DS rear!  I turned off the system and started again, and they retracted a little more…….. then the error light again.  After repeating this process a couple more times, the indicator lights showed all was well.  I decided to check, and found the DS rear jack still almost all the way down!

Unlike in El Paso earlier in the trip, the air bags stayed inflated, and the jack could not be hoisted by hand.,  I decided to call the Atwood factory service center.  After discussing the situation, they told me that they had had previous problems with the motor amps indicating ‘jack up’, when in fact the motor was just pulling high amps!!  They instructed my on how to raise the jack with a portable drill motor, and that worked!

It is a really good thing that we are due in Red Bay to get the whole jack system upgraded to a more dependable system.

We left Tucson about 10:30am and expect to arrive in El Paso about 4:00pm to have dinner at the home of Ed and Pat Flores.  Ed and I started at ALCOA the same year, but he quit to come back to El Paso in 1972.

By the way, Patsy is driving the Bus for the first time in almost 2 years on I-10 in New Mexico.  That is giving me an opportunity to watch Fox News and do this blog update!

I will do another update after our visit with the Flores’,

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