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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday – Tiffin & Red Bay

We left Tupelo this morning, and made the 50 mile drive to Red Bay.  When we arrived at the campground (which is on the site of the service center), we were asked if we had a preference for which row that we camped in!!!  I was surprised, because usually at this time of the year, with all the snowbirds stopping in for repairs on their way south, it is full!!  I think it was timing, because it has almost filled up by nightfall.

We got parked and set up, and then I filled out the paperwork for our service appointment next Monday.  We also cleaned the Bus on the inside, and washed the few bugs and dirt off the front.  Because of the dust at the campground, we won’t wash the whole Bus until we are ready to leave.

No pictures today……. more tomorrow!!

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