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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lake Somerville State Park -- Part 2

On Saturday morning, we woke up with 13 rigs attending, plus 2 guest that visited for only the day. The day started out with a really big breakfast at 10:00am.

After breakfast, most people sat around and visited, or played dominoes or other games. During the afternoon, we all pitched in $5 and bought $60 worth of lottery tickets. On Sunday morning, we should know if we won anything!!

At 5:00pm, we had our Christmas Potluck dinner. There was a lot more food than we could eat, but we tried our best. Below is a picture of our club at dinner, and a closeup shot of the "Tiffin" women:

Shortly, after dinner, we had a gift exchange. The method was the same that many have used before. We each drew a number from a bowl, and the lowest picked a gift from the tree first, than the next and so on. Of course, instead of picking a gift from under the tree, you could 'steal' one that someone had already opened. It was fun, and no bloodshed!! John and Mary Ann 'managed' the event.

At the end of the gift exchange, the winner of the RV decorating contest was announced, and ............... it was Patsy!! She won a set of handpainted wine glasses. Below is a picture of her standing in front of her handy work with her prize.

Tomorrow, we will get up and head to San Antonio to meet with our Allegro Amigos Camping club for a lunch at Papasito's Cantina.

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