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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Traveling to Quartzsite

The Didelots and us left the Boerne, TX Wal-Mart at about 8:30AM this morning.  The drive to the western Texas border was about 550 miles, and Patsy had decided that if we were driving that long, we might as well use the engine alternator and our 3000 watt inverter to cook a beef stew in the crock pot.  She put it together before we left this morning, and set the crock pot in the sink.

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At noon, we stopped at a picnic area along Interstate 10 for a soup and sandwich lunch,  Here a picture of our rigs parked…….

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If you mention food, Mark is in my rig like we had twitched our nose like the lady on Bewitched!!!

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After lunch, we stopped in Fort Stockton, TX at the visitor center to see some Brian Norwood art work that I had seen on the “The Texas Country Reporter” show.  Here are some pictures.

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Patsy needs to get her commercial (class B) driver’s license, so  I let her do some of the driving to get practice to pass the test.  At the same time, Sue drove their rig, and Mark and I got to spend some time on the internet…….. I even caught up on a couple of blog postings.

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We ended up spending the night at the Texas Welcome Station at the rest area in El Paso, TX.   That is where we ate the stew, which was really good.  We also broke out the chocolate meringue pie that we brought from Halepaska’s bakery in Victoria.

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Mark enjoyed the pie!!

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